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These are photographs and videos of some of the projects that our customers have built incorporating PerfectFlite products in the design.

If you’d like to share photos or videos of your own projects, please email us with a description and we will contact you for more information.

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Champlain Valley High Scool TARC Team
The Pararedundant Project
PerfectFlite Gallery
The Cherokee M Project

The Cherokee-M Project

The Pararedundant Project

Burned miniAlt

PerfectFlite Altimeter

Survives Fire!

Dennis Timer Project

One miniTimer3 &

twenty igniters

Gemini Retrieval

14x Scale Gemini Project

The Extreme Explorer Project

The Extreme Explorer Project


Rocket Sondes

Champlain Valley Union High School TARC Team, 2003


“Stubby” was saved by a PerfectFlite timer!

High Power Level 2 Rocket Onboard Video- Incredible Spin Rate During Descent for CINEMA 6.5:  “Two PerfectFlite altimeters handled the apogee and main BP charges flawlessly.”

Two Stage High Power Airstart Onboard Rocket Video Dec. 19, 2009- "Airstart 1":  Included PerfectFlite Timer and PerfectFlite HiAlt45K.

TARC 2011 - slideshow by Steve Schwartz

Michael Dennis used only ONE miniTimer3 to fire TWENTY igniters in his Flower Power rocket!  Watch the video of his ground test here.

Mike Momenee’s two stage airstart rocket - He included both a PerfectFlite timer and altimeter in this project.  “Some pretty cool vidcaps at the end of the video...”

Momoko Harper's Cherry Blossom Rocket

Momoko Harper’s successful

Level 3 flight!

Ted Cochran's Successful L3 Launch

Ted Cochran’s successul L3

launch using a StratoLogger

Jeffery Oppold’s successful L3 scale Tomahawk launch

Jeffery Oppold's L3 Cert Project

2011 ULA/Ball Rocket Launch, an impressive achievement by students from all over the United States. This project used two MAWD altimeters and 25 PerfectFlite timers. Click here to read an article by Greg Arend and Chris Chavez about this exciting program.

Ray Shepard used two StratoLogger’s to earn his L3!

Ray Shepard's L3 Launch
Dave Schaefer's Hyperion Launch

Dave Schaefer’s scale EAC Hyperion launch at Balls 21

The official 2015 Team America Rocketry Challenge Final-Fly off video, posted by the Aerospace Industries Association.

“Death from Above” earned Gerald Meux, Jr. the 2013 TRA Single Stage O Altitude Record when it soared to 30,168 feet, with the help of a PerfectFlite StratoLogger.