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This timer can be used for ignition of sustainer motors in multistage rockets and ignition of air-started auxiliary motors. It can also be used for accurately timed deployment of recovery devices in lieu of the sometimes variable delay times associated with the motor's built-in delay grain.  Delay time can be set with 0.1 second resolution via an on-board pushbutton.

The miniTimer3G includes a built-in G switch trigger for automatically initiating the delay on launch.  The only external items necessary are a battery, igniter, and on/off switch.  Igniter continuity is reported via a built-in beeper, which doubles as a post-flight locator siren.

The miniTimer3’s extremely high current capability allows the use of virtually any igniter type, as well as multi-igniter clusters.  When powered by a suitable battery, firing 50 ematches simultaneously is possible!

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This product has been replaced  by the miniTimer4