1. Easy to set delay time is field adjustable from 0.6 seconds to 25.5 seconds in 0.1 second steps.
  2. Beeper provides audible igniter continuity check, powerup reporting of current delay time setting, and post-flight siren to aid in rocket location.
  3. Automatic trigger sense configuration (normally open/normally closed) allows use with G-switch, breakwire, pull-pin, etc.

    False trigger filtering -- trigger condition must be met for 0.5 second in order to start timing cycle.
  4. High current capability (20A continuous, 40 A peak) allows use of multiple igniters for clusters.
  5. High accuracy, digital time setting is retained in EEPROM memory even with power removed.
  6.  Available with connectors and mating cables for interchangeability or without cables for user-supplied wiring in higher current applications.







Now available - G-switch for completely self-contained triggering.
If purchased along with a miniTimer, the switch can be installed for no extra charge. Please request this service in the "Special Instructions" section of the Checkout page.

Extra cables available for MT2A; allows one miniTimer to be shared between multiple rockets.

Rugged SMD construction, stringent QC testing, and internal self-diagnostics assure reliability.

Measures just 1.25"L x 0.65"W x 0.55"H, fits in 18 mm tube, weighs 0.14 oz.

Backed by a full three year warranty.