The microAlt 9200 shares the same basic features as the microAlt 4600, but operates to a maximum altitude of 9200 feet MSL. Readout resolution is +/-40 feet, and main chute deployment is at 440 feet AGL.

















The HCEB and ECBC combination make up a very compact and reusable "plug and play" solution for firing charges. The ECPC lets you use/requires an additional battery of your own choosing.


The kit versions of the microTimer and microAlt come with all necessary components and complete documentation on CD. The PDF format manual provides high resolution images for assistance during assembly and allows one to print a hardcopy for later reference. A tutorial on the assembly of surface mount components with standard soldering tools is also included. Your soldering iron must have a small, clean tip and your eyesight must be good to successfully complete the kits. The majority of the components measure about 2mm long by 1.2mm wide. These are not beginner projects! If you are in doubt as to your abilities, start with the timer kit before attempting the altimeter.

6x closeup of 0.3” sqaure section of timer

If you just want to measure peak altitude reached, all you need is the altimeter and the MBSO main battery. You can always start with this option and add accessories later.

If you want to download an altitude vs. time curve to your PC laptop, also get the DTCP data transfer kit.

If you want to deploy ejection charges with the altimeter, you would need the following:

Qty 1 ECCG, green ejection charge cable to connect apogee charge

Qty 1 ECCW, white ejection charge cable to connect main charge

Qty 1 ECPC, ejection charge power cable for user-supplied ejection battery, OR...

Qty 1 HCEB, high current ejection battery with cable, rechargeable, AND Qty 1 ECBC, battery charger