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microAlt 4600 & 9200 Logging

Dual Event Altimeters

This may be the smallest full-featured altimeter yet! Smaller than a 24mm black powder engine, this altimeter weighs in at under 0.75 oz. with battery! Optimized for “A” to “H” powered rockets, the microAlt 4600 operates to a maximum altitude of 4600 feet MSL, with a readout resolution of +/-20 feet. This resolution, combined with precise factory calibration and a typical accuracy of +/- 1% allows accurate data to be acquired even from lower-flying rockets (while other altimeters may have +/- 100 feet resolution uncertainty!). Peak altitude is reported audibly in units of feet - no conversion tables are required. Also provides two high current outputs for firing ejection charges at apogee and 300 feet AGL, with audible continuity indication. Logs 19 seconds of flight data at 200ms intervals for download to your PC.  Kit versions available.

Legacy Product