Connecting your charges, switches, and batteries is fast, easy, and secure with the built-in terminal blocks.

25,000 foot MSL maximum altitude

Main chute deployment altitude is user-selectable from 300’AGL to 1,700’AGL in 200’ steps

Mach Delay period of 0 to 14 seconds in 2 second increments for Mach safe flight

User defined settings are reported audibly in standard units (seconds and feet) on power-up via the built-in beeper

Beeper also provides real-time indication of ejection charge continuity and post-flight altitude reporting

Peak altitude is saved in nonvolatile EEPROM memory which can be read even if the battery is depleted before you are able to retrieve your rocket.

Measures just 3.68” x 0.85” x 0.45”, fits in 24mm tube

Rugged surface mount design for enhanced reliability

Flexible single/dual battery powering options

LDO voltage regulator for improved brownout resistance in single battery configuration

Secure screw-down terminal blocks for charges, aux. battery, and power/arming switches

Reverse polarity protection on both batteries

Up to 17A firing current for ejection charges

24 hours continuous operation on a fresh 9V alkaline battery