Precision sensor records flights up to 45,000 feet MSL

Audibly reports peak altitude after flight

Peak altitude is stored in nonvolatile memory and is preserved even if power is lost

Deploys drogue and main chutes with audible igniter continuity check

Main chute deployment altitude is adjustable from 400' to 1,300' in 300' steps

Mach delay is adjustable from 0 to 24 seconds for high performance flights

Robust power supply is not affected by up to four seconds loss of power in flight

Provides up to 5 amps of current for 1 second to fire redundant or nonstandard igniters

Altimeter will not be damaged and will not fire charges if battery is connected backwards

High accuracy A/D with 12 bit oversampling yeilds +/- 0.75% typical accuracy

FLASH program memory for future firmware updates (free of charge to original purchaser)

Low current design runs for hundreds of hours on a standard 9V alkaline battery

Built-in voltmeter reports battery voltage on powerup

Smart low battery alarm sounds if battery voltage drops by 6% or more while awaiting launch

Rugged SMD construction, stringent QC testing, and internal self-diagnostics assure reliability

Measures just 2.75" L * 0.9"W * 0.63"H, fits in 24mm tube, weighs 0.45 oz.

Backed by a full three year warranty