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microAlt Data Transfer Kit, PC DB-9

The microAlt data transfer kit features a level shifter board to convert the logic level signals from the microAlt to standard serial RS-232 format. It also includes the proper cable (DB9 for Windows version or mini-DIN8 for Macintosh version) to connect to the host computer.

The included software will download the data from the altimeter to your computer, save it to a disk file, plot an altitude vs. time curve, and print the curve. Comments can be added and are saved/printed along with the data.

Manual and software are available from the Downloads page of our site.

Uses 9V rectangular battery, not included

For use with microAlt altimeter only.

Legacy Product


Screen shot from the data acquisition software

Data transfer/analysis software (left) is included with DTCP. RocSim (below) is available from www.apogeerockets.com.

RocSim Simulation of the same flight